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A Useful Script for Predefining API Request Limits

WhoisXML API recently produced a script that allows developers to maintain a constant burst rate. With it, developers can specify the exact number of API requests they want to send per second.

The script can be adjusted for different WhoisXML API products. It is a valuable resource for preventing system overloading and enabling developers to better manage application performance.

For further information on our scripts or to submit a script idea that suits your requirements, please contact [email protected].

Possible Reasons for Limiting API Request Rates

Maintaining a constant burst rate can benefit API users in several ways, including:

  • Staying within the API rate limit: While WhoisXML API offers customized API query packages, they may still have usage restrictions. Using the script can help avoid exceeding API rate limits.
  • Performance optimization: Too many requests can overwhelm an application. By setting a request rate limit, you gain control over its traffic flow, preventing overloading and ensuring optimal performance.
  • Cost control: Most of our APIs charge users based on their number of requests. Setting a limit helps users avoid sending unnecessary requests and lets them plan usage based on their budget.
  • Improved user experience: A consistent burst rate makes an application’s behavior more predictable for users. They can expect a certain level of responsiveness, leading to  more intuitive and positive user experiences.

Check out how you can use the script to maintain a consistent burst rate. Access an example of our API request limit script on GitHub.

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