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Access Our Premium DNS Database with the Largest, Most Unique DNS Coverage in the Market

WhoisXML API recently launched Premium DNS Database, a passive DNS database download variant with expanded coverage that is now expected to be the largest on the market with the highest number of unique fully qualified domain names (FQDNs).

This significant improvement is part of our ongoing efforts to help make the Internet safer and more transparent. With our Premium DNS Database, enterprises can gain an even more comprehensive view of the DNS, where ongoing Internet activities are recorded as they occur at a massive scale.

About Our Premium DNS Database

Premium DNS Database contains billions of additional historical DNS records and continues to grow as we continuously monitor the DNS. Like our original service, our Premium DNS Database covers eight DNS record types, namely:

  • A record
  • AAAA record
  • MX record
  • NS record
  • TXT record
  • CNAME record
  • SOA record
  • PTR record

Our original passive DNS database download offering, now called “Standard DNS Database Download,” is still available as a cost-effective solution. However, organizations that require the best and most complete historical DNS data can apply for access to our Premium DNS Database.

“We’ve taken extensive measures to become the #1 DNS intelligence provider and are excited to launch Premium DNS Database. Endless Internet activities that can either be good or bad lead to the creation or update of thousands of DNS records every minute. Premium DNS Database aims to help users keep up and get a complete view of the DNS,” says Jonathan Zhang, WhoisXML API CEO.

Premium DNS Database files can be downloaded in CSV format for easier data processing and integration. We provide various subscription types to effectively help you track DNS record changes in suitable ways.

You may download Premium DNS Database sample files here or contact us for an evaluation of the additional DNS coverage we now offer.

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