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Cyber Threat Detection Gets a Boost with Logpresso and WhoisXML API Partnership

Cyber Threat Detection Gets a Boost with Logpresso and WhoisXML API Partnership

WhoisXML API is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Logpresso, an innovative provider of automated security operations platforms headquartered in Seoul, Korea. This collaboration equips Logpresso users with comprehensive domain intelligence through WhoisXML API, empowering them to strengthen phishing domain detection and brand protection capabilities.

As a specialist in security information and event management (SIEM) solutions delivered through the cloud, Logpresso is a valuable partner. Since 2013, the company has conquered the limitations of traditional SIEM solutions and developed a technically advanced platform with superior data analysis and threat detection capabilities.

“Logpresso is recognized internationally for its security operations products. By combining capabilities, our companies can better equip security professionals with the essential data and accessibility they need to protect their organizations effectively from evolving cyber attacks,” says WhoisXML API CEO Jonathan Zhang.

Logpresso's CBO, Goo Dong-eon, stated, "WhoisXML API is the leading provider of comprehensive domain, IP, DNS, and cyber threat intelligence," adding, "Through the collaboration between the two companies, we will provide various solutions to swiftly detect and respond to advanced cyber threats."

With WhoisXML API domain intelligence, Logpresso users can access critical data points, currently including WHOIS records and domain reputation scores. With that, users can enable various cybersecurity use cases, such as:

  • Detecting phishing attempts: Users can rely on WHOIS information and analyze it alongside other data points and indicators to identify suspicious domains that may be used for phishing attacks.
  • Prioritized threat-hunting capabilities: Domain reputation data can help prioritize threats and alerts. For example, emails originating from a domain with a low reputation score can be flagged for further investigation.
  • Enhancing brand protection: WHOIS data allows users to learn more about domains potentially impersonating a legitimate brand, supporting actions to prevent trademark infringement or spearphishing attacks.

Logpresso will provide dedicated technical support to customers located in Korea, ensuring seamless experience with the WhoisXML API integration within the Logpresso platforms.

For more information about accessing WhoisXML API intelligence as part of this strategic collaboration, please visit the Logpresso Store.

About Logpresso

Logpresso offers a unified security operations platform for data collection, threat detection, incident investigation and response, and visualization, eliminating the need for multiple tools and improving security teams’ efficiency. The company works with key players in the security market, notably AI, CTI, NDR, and EDR vendors, to build an innovative cyber ecosystem for high-quality security operations.

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