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Domain Research Suite Monitors New Product Development

Domain Research Suite Monitors New Product Development

The last twenty years have seen the rise of two business developments among others: consumer product development cycle times have decreased and the number of new products companies bring to market in a year have increased. A “flatter” world has also increased global competition in marketplaces that regional players had historically dominated.

Keeping up with the competition is no longer an option. Industry analysts and marketing professionals now need every tool that technology has to offer to stay ahead of the pack. One of the richest resources for anticipating when and what brands will be rolling out is the Whatis database.

The Whatis database is a public record of all the registrations of domain names on the internet. The records also include the names of registrants, their addresses, phone numbers, regions, and more.

Companies will often “stake out” online territory ahead of product releases to ensure that their goods and services have an electronic platform to promote and support their new offerings. The information on Whois is available to any company that has the right tools to find and alert businesses of competitors’ activities. The Whois XML API’s Domain Research Suite is a preeminent toolkit for professionals whose job it is to anticipate brand disruptions in the marketplace.

The Domain Research Suite

Whois XML API’s Domain Research Suite includes tools tracking additions and updates that companies make to their domain name registrations. ISPs then promote the changes to the Whois database public record. While the Suite includes seven tools, four in particular should be at the fingertips of any industry analyst or marketing researcher involved in watching product activities of current or potential competitors.

The Domain Monitor API, in particular, specifically watches out for companies that users specify they find interesting. Whenever the Whois record for the registrant changes, Domain Monitor sends an email alert to analysts. Email alerts include details of any changes that have occurred for values relevant to the registration, including: Updated Date, Created Date, Expiration Date, Registrant Information, Domain Status, and more.

Marketing and industry professionals can also use the Registrant Monitor API to disclose the product roll-out plans of companies. The tool monitors all newly registered, updated & deleted domain names registered by specific individuals/ companies. Ideal for monitoring specific domain registrants to be alerted whenever their information appears in a newly registered domain name.

Another tool relevant to tracking the product or service developments of a company is the Registrant Monitor. Registrant Monitor filters for all newly registered, updated and deleted domain names registered by individuals and companies that users select. The tool is best suited for monitoring specific domain registrants. The monitoring tool enables analysts to view all new alerts relevant to a registrant that have occurred in the past 12 days.

The Reverse Whois Search is another application in the Domain Research Suite. Users enter into the API interface one or more unique identifiers or terms found in a Whois record. The tool then reports on all the domain names corresponding to the keywords. Search terms can include a person or company’s name, phone number, email address or any other Registration details found in a Whois record. The tool surveys all the Domain names worldwide that have the search term anywhere in a registrant’s Whois Record. API results deliver analysts an overview of a company’s product development and marketing strategy.

Industry professionals need every advantage they can gain to anticipate the next product development move of the competitors. In a fast-changing marketplace, one lapse in determining a competitor’s next step may mean a world of difference between dominating an industry and fading into oblivion.

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