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Easily Know All The Web Sites Hosted On An IP Address

Easily Know All The Web Sites Hosted On An IP Address

Moving further into investigating & researching IP address, WhoisXmlApi is really excited to announce the launch of Reverse IP API! Whether you’re researching a potential partner or an incident, understanding the online reputation of an IP address or a domain is incredibly important. With Reverse IP API, by simply querying an IP address you can get the list of all the other domains that share the same Internet host (i.e. the same IP address). Results include all gTLD, new TLD, and any known ccTLD domains. This can be a very useful tool when one is trying to gain context or situational awareness relating to any IP address.   Over the last few years, online reputation management & security has become a huge concern for many companies. Knowing your network reputation is, therefore, an important part of your security knowledge. By knowing all the domains sharing your IP address you can check for spamming & malicious websites. It's best to not have your IP associated with harmful content. Hosts with a dubious reputation may affect your search engine ranking, email delivery or even have your site blacklisted.   Sometime, Internet Service Providers may also block a website’s IP address in case it contains malicious or illegal content. Naturally, other sites sharing that IP address is blocked as well. You can prevent such as scenario by taking proactive steps.   Besides this, since Reverse IP API reveals how many sites you share the host with, you can use this knowledge to help your online brand as well. Sometimes to maximize profits web hosts oversubscribe i.e. sell more websites than the server can handle. Oversubscription affects the download speed of your site and thus may also affect conversion.   Reverse IP API can also be beneficial to help research hosting providers or parking companies so as to find the most suitable one for you. You would want to avoid hosting providers that cramp up to many websites on a server.   With the help of our Reverse IP lookup, you can conduct research - find other domains owned by the same person even if they have Whois privacy. You can research the market in a targeted region or niche. Or you can monitor the domain life cycle of all domains on the IPs of your niche competition to spot and buy expiring ones before anyone else.   Reverse IP is also very popular with cybercrime investigators solving any kind of crime: identity theft, online fraud, piracy, etc. During or after an intrusion incident, a Reverse IP API can be used to identify the attackers’ host names. It can also help to identify the attack surface by discovering all the hosts and IPs related to a given target website/ IP. You can also identify any websites on the host that contain vulnerabilities to exploit.   Reverse IP API is an incredibly powerful tool with many high-value business applications. With WhoisXmlApi you can quickly & easily know all the following details about an IP address:

  • Know all the possible domain names hosted on an IP address
  • Know the timestamp of the last update for that record
  • Know whether it is a domain or sub-domain
  • Know whether it is a gTLD, new gTLD or ccTLD
  • Know the total number of result pages derived from the queried IP
  • Know the total number of domain records retrieved for the query.

WhoisXmlApi has always been at the forefront in providing the most comprehensive domain data. And with one of the largest Whois database, our venture into IP address data wouldn't be anything short either. With over a billion domains & sub-domains covered we can assure that you can rely on our systems to fetch the most accurate & real-time data. Also, you get extensive result lists i.e. the results will show even IPs with very large numbers of domains, giving you a complete & comprehensive view of the queried IP address.   So what are you waiting for? Get Reverse IP API now at

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