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Get Access to Premium Research Tools & Unrivaled Data with Enterprise Tools Package

Get Access to Premium Research Tools & Unrivaled Data with Enterprise Tools Package

Government agencies, large-scale enterprises, SMBs & many other businesses investigating cyber crime, detecting & accessing threats, tracking down malicious entities or monitoring a bad actor’s infrastructure to predict a future attack, need various kinds of Internet data sets to help them in characterizing & connecting domains. Also, with the rise in security breaches, professionals are no longer looking for just raw data, but Intel, to take timely action against the surfacing bad actors. Whois API, Inc. has been working with many such senior security professionals since the past decade and creating suitable data products & solutions which can act as building blocks in their toolkit for domain research & investigation. With the plethora of solutions we offer, data planning can sometimes become a task in itself & to that effect, we are now providing our users with Enterprise Packages. These are designed specifically keeping such large-scale agencies in mind, to help provide predictability to their data planning, along with, a comprehensive investigation pathway. Our latest Enterprise level solution, Enterprise Tools Package, provides our users with accessible domain Intel, in an easier & visual format.

Enterprise Tools Package provides you with an incredible powerhouse of Web Tools that help you to explore, investigate and even protect domains, without the hassle of configuring, setting-up separate systems or software to get access to domain Intel anymore. Security analysts can now go above and beyond conventional domain research by getting a complete picture of any domain with our comprehensive database of Whois, IP address & DNS data. Enterprise members get access to our unrivaled data bundled together with many other premium research tools.

Domain Research Suite (DRS)

Domain Research Suite (DRS), can help you in researching and monitoring domains on a single platform. Get an in-depth picture of domains with our various Search Tools along with daily alerts to stay up-to-date on domain-related activities with our Monitoring Tools.

The various Search Tools included in DRS are:

  • Whois Search Tool: Get real-time registration details, also known as the Whois Record, of a domain.
  • Reverse Whois Search Tool: Using one or more unique identifiers or terms found in a Whois record, find all the domain names corresponding to it.
  • Domain Availability Tool: Get the most accurate Domain Availability Checker.
  • Bulk Whois Search Tool: Easily get parsed Domain Whois records for an array of domains of your choice.

The various Monitoring Tools included in DRS are:

  • Domain Monitoring Tool: Keep track on domains by getting alerts for any changes made in its Whois Records.
  • Brand Monitoring Tool: Monitor exact matches, variations and common misspellings of your brand name & trademarks to safeguard your Brand online.
  • Registrant Monitoring Tool: Get alerts when your monitored individual/ company name registers new domains, updates their existing domain record information or any of their domain names expire.

Whether you are investigating cyber crime, protecting brands from infringements, tracking online activities of individuals or companies, keeping an eye on specific, DRS is your one-stop shop for researching and staying abreast on all kinds of domain activities.


Whoisology is an advanced Reverse Whois Tool for finding deep connections between domains, individuals & organizations. You can search for domain records based on particular search terms such as domain name, email address or any specific attributes in the Domain Whois Records. What’s more, you can further click on any of the attributes appearing in the search results and find deeper connections, which may not seem so at the first glance.

With Whoisology professionals can:

  • Search by any specific attribute present in the Domain Whois Records
  • Easily perform reverse Whois for any attributes in the  appearing result
  • Get Real-time as well as Historic Whois data.
  • Find advanced level analytics & connections for the search term
  • Data filtering possible to ensure more relevant search result

Whoisology can be a great asset in cyber crime investigation / InfoSec, corporate intelligence, legal research, and business development.

Threat Intelligence Platform

Threat Intelligence Platform aggregates, correlates and analyzes threat data from multiple sources in real-time and includes powerful contextualized intelligence, helping drive better efficiency and security.  Cybersecurity professionals & threat analysts can get an in-depth perspective on the target hosts and the infrastructure behind them in one place so that you can make timely & informed decisions on your security operation & strategy. Our intelligence includes:

  • Domains’ Infrastructure Analysis: Find any host’s web, mail & name servers along with its IP address, geolocation & subnetwork information.
  • Website Analysis: Get an in-depth analysis of the website’s components, configurations & also know if it has any potentially dangerous content.
  • SSL Certificates Chain: Get a breakdown of a particular domain’s SSL Certificate and the complete SSL Certificates chain starting with the end-user to the intermediate certificates and then to the root SSL Certificate to verify the sender’s trustworthiness.
  • SSL Configuration Analysis: Identify and analyze SSL connection to the host and analyze its configuration to detect likely issues that might lead to vulnerabilities.
  • Domain Malware Detection: For any given domain name, check if it is considered to be dangerous as per various reputed & trusted security data sources.
  • Connected Domains: Retrieve a list of domain names resolving to a given IP address, including subdomains & also get details of the infrastructure of these connected domains.
  • Whois Record: Retrieve & analyze the domain’s Whois Records
  • Domain Reputation Scoring: Find the reputation of a domain based on numerous security data sources as well as on an instant host's audit procedure which comprises of evaluation of over 120 essential parameters.

Threat Intelligence Platform can be a great asset to security analysts for security planning, monitoring, and detection, incident response, threat discovery and threat assessment. The online platform analytics enable security analysts to quickly investigate and raise red flags on suspicious traffic.

Enterprises can annually subscribe for the Package/ Tier based on your business needs & leave all the back-end data gathering worry to us and focus on what you do the best. To view the various Tiers we offer please click on the link:

We also provide Enterprise Packages in the form of:

Enterprise API Package

Easily integrate our data with your systems/ tools & enjoy access to our big data solutions falling under Whois, DNS & IP data products combined with Data verification, as well as, Alert & Monitoring Services.

Enterprise Data Feed Packages

Get bulk & unrestricted access to Whois & IP address data solutions as data feeds.

With the largest Whois database and by constantly adapting advanced technology to provide real-time & historical Whois data, monitoring services and plethora of domain Whois, DNS and IP products & services, professionals can now safely opt for our Enterprise Packages which will enable them to access our proprietary domain profile data sets in a high-volume API feed, Database Downloads or Web Tools, at a discounted rate.

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