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How to Make Your Domain Name Dominate Google Search Result!

How to Make Your Domain Name Dominate Google Search Result!

The main aim of Google is to provide the most relevant search results to its users. It’s constantly trying to deliver value and provide content that people want to engage with, without much fuss. Web pages and content on the web are ranked based on over 200 factors which Google considers most relevant. But with Google’s ever increasing popularity, individuals and businesses have realized the importance of ranking high organically and are trying to manipulate the system to project themselves in the top search results, sometimes even when they are irrelevant.

Over the years Google has been regularly updating its algorithm to improve user experience, eliminate scams, and to increase the overall relevance of search for its users. Two of the most upcoming SEO trends that experts in the industry are betting their monies on for 2017 are:

1) Stepping up your mobile game

With the advent of smartphones, nearly 60% of the search queries made on Google are via mobile phones. So undoubtedly Google’s focus is to make sure that content on mobile is easily accessible along with the best user experience. It is believed that mobile friendly websites are being given a priority in Google’s indexing as well.  To this effect, Google has also launched the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) to build a better and more user-friendly mobile web content for its users.

2) Start Talking

Voice Search is one of the fastest growing search methods and is widely prevalent especially among teenagers. Since its faster, doesn’t require you to type, lets you multitask and also with the speech recognition being drastically improved now, along with voice search becoming more ‘intelligent’, the reliability and acceptance of it are only going up. Voice Search Optimization is going to be the future of SEO and businesses will need to develop strategies to make the most of it in order to get on top of the Google list!

Besides these 2 growing trends, some previously known and still very much important factors that can help improve your Domain ranking would be:

  • Quality Content
  • Crawler friendliness can help Google identify and mark your website much better
  • Improve your Website's UX (User Experience) in terms of speed and overall browsing experience
  • Build the right back-links
  • Include images, videos and other forms of multimedia to enrich the quality of your content
  • Leverage on your social media to get customer referrals and start a communication

Of course, these pointers are just like some drops of water in the vast ocean. We will cover the entire checklist of SEO best practices soon. With so many domains being registered every day, it has now become imperative for businesses to pull up their socks and appear before their customers when they are looking for them. With some planning and understanding, businesses can leverage the power of SEO and dominate Google search!

Hope these trends help your Domain name get on top! Do let us know if these were helpful to you.

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