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Introducing Seamless WordPress Plugins from Whois XML API!

Introducing Seamless WordPress Plugins from Whois XML API!

In the past few years, we have been on a mission to create domain Whois, IP, DNS & other internet Intel product solutions to fulfil the growing demand of this information for professionals from diverse industries. We currently offer APIs, Database Downloads, Online Web Tools, Threat Intelligence and Splunk App which is widely used by cybersecurity professionals, marketing & brand protection agencies, domain registrars, domain investors, researchers, and many more.

This time around, we have created a solution specifically for web developers and various website owners. We are glad to introduce 2 Plugins for WordPress site owners: Whois Plugin & IP Geolocation Plugin. Whether you run a business or are a blogger, WordPress plugins invariable play an important role in helping you achieve your endeavors. Our revolutionary Plugins can aid you to extend the functionality of your WordPress site, as well as, improve user experience by acquiring crucial information with just a mouse hover!

With the help of numerous strategies, you achieve success in attracting your target audience but how do you feel when they leave your site to search for the owner of a website or the Geolocation information of IP address mentioned somewhere on a page or post of your website? Yes, working hard to bring the audience and witnessing them leave is always annoying. There can be many reasons why they would want this information but your concern should be to prevent them from leaving your site.

Our plugin automatically adds a small pop-up (tooltip), so your visitors can instantly obtain domain Whois or Geolocation information of IP addresses mentioned on your page without leaving your website or clicking on multiple pages or links. Isn't’ that cool?  Let’s take a look at both these Plugin to see its functionality.

Whois Plugin

This plugin automatically links all the domain names in your WordPress page or post to our Whois service. When your visitors move the cursor to a domain name available in the text of your site, a quick pop-up containing a summarized Whois information of that domain appears on their screen, including its availability, contact email, date of creation, and expiry date. When your audience seeks information about a particular website, this plugin not only provides to them instant data but also prevents them from moving to a different site. In case, a person, wants to check out the entire Whois record they can easily click on the link provided in the tooltip & access all the registration information of the domain.

Summarized Whois information of a domain

Domain registrars and news sites can substantially benefit from this plugin as it helps ease access to information for their users.

You can easily download the Whois Plugin here:

IP Geolocation Plugin

IP Geolocation Plugin provides a quick preview of the location details for all the IP addresses mentioned on your website, including its country & city. In case people want to check out detailed location information then they can easily click on the link provided in the tooltip & access all the information of the IP address.

Summarized Geolocation information for an IP address

If your website displays IP data to your users, it is always helpful to add value to this information by providing Geolocation information of the IP address. But in order to avoid clamming up your website with this information for each IP, this plugin can help users get information specifically for the IP address they need to know more about in a more visually appealing manner.

It is commonly observed that sites which provide IP address along with the location attract such visitors the most.

You can easily download the IP Geolocation Plugin here:

Benefits of the WordPress Plugin from Whois XML API

•    No backend work or systems required to access data

•    Seamless integration without affecting the content of your website

•    No more cluttering your website with all the information

•    User experience improved for your website

•    Accurate & real-time data from the largest database

If you have the name of other websites or IP addresses on your site, these plugins can be a crucial asset for you and help provide added value to your website.

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