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Keep Up with the World Wide Web’s Massive Growth by Using Internet Statistics Reports

Keep Up with the World Wide Web’s Massive Growth by Using Internet Statistics Reports

The Internet has marked an explosive growth in the past few years, with around 380 new websites created every second. It’s physically impossible to keep up with even if your job calls for that. But anyone and everyone that needs to keep tabs on the competition and look for new sales and marketing opportunities, has got their hearts set on specific domains or wants to safeguard their digital assets can do so easily with Internet Statistics Reports.

What Is Behind Internet Statistics Reports?

Internet Statistics Reports is backed by an extensive database containing billions of WHOIS records that cover thousands of TLDs and track millions of domain names.

582+ M
domain names
6+ B
WHOIS records
1.2+ B
domains and subdomains

Our huge collection of WHOIS records allows us to gather information on not only commonly used or gTLDs, but also on locale-specific or ccTLDs, less-seen internationalized TLDs, and newly launched TLDs.

7 gTLDs
178,123,569 domains
322 ccTLDs
127,067,383 domains
1,243 new TLDs
41,684,542 domains
Internationalized TLDs
and many more
and many more
在线 (online)
संगठन (organization)
セール (sale)
닷컴 (dot com)
vermögensberater (financial advisor)

For comprehensive lists of the gTLDs and ccTLDs in our database, visit the following pages: supported gTLDs and supported ccTLDs.

What Kinds of TLD Information Do You Get from Internet Statistics Reports?

Internet Statistics Reports can provide you with:

  • A list of all changes a specific domain name undergoes (registration, modifications, and expiration) on a daily basis;
  • All domains a registrar owns, allowing you to compare market shares;
  • All domains in a specific location (country, region, or city), informing you of specific user base sizes;
  • The number of active domain names worldwide or in specific locales, allowing you to gauge the size of the Internet;
  • Top N domain registrants or owners.

Note that this list is in no way exhaustive, and you can do so much more with Internet Statistics Reports.

Who Can Benefit from Internet Statistics Reports?

With Internet Statistics Reports, you can get customized TLD reports using various domain name, WHOIS, and DNS categories to cater to your specific business requirements, such as:

Expanding your market coverageThe Internet’s explosive growth has given birth to thousands of TLDs just so companies can get their hands on domain names that fit their brand, products, or services to a tee. Don’t get left behind, venture into unexplored TLD territories.
Strengthening your cybersecurity defensesThe latest stats show that a cyber attack occurs every 39 seconds. Get a list of the top domains attacked and learn from their mistakes.
Getting the domain name that works best for your brandIf your competitors have already got their hands on the domain you desire, look for other top-ranking TLDs that may have that name available.
Directing your employees along the right pathWhen creating strategies, data speaks volumes. Get automatically generated charts and tables based on relevant and accurate data sets to base your forward-looking sales and marketing strategies on.
Get the most out of your virtual real estateIdentify which of your domains are performing best and find out what’s making them stand out. Apply your learning to all your websites and pages to get the most out of all your virtual properties.
Keeping tabs on the competitionConnectivity has blurred the lines when it comes to doing business. It’s easy for any company to deliver to anywhere in the world now. Make sure your list of competitors is always up-to-date so you know who and what you’re up against.
Staying away from entities with skeletons in their closetsYour brand defines who you are. Don’t go into business deals with registrars that have had a history with malicious dealings on the Internet (reported spam, phishing, and other malware attacks).
Tracing the origin of a threatIf you’ve ever had the misfortune of or are currently suffering from a cyber attack, find out where the threat is coming from so you can block it from the source.
Keeping an eye out for emerging phenomenaSpot emerging social, economic, or technological trends in the market to come up with insightful reports to help your sales and marketing clients.

Whatever online business you’re running, complacence is a no-no. The only way to stay ahead of the curve as opposed to being left behind by competitors, or falling into eagerly waiting cybercriminal traps, or going unnoticed in the ever-growing Internet space is to keep tabs on every digital phenomenon.

Find out who’s who on the Web so you can emulate them, get to know your market and competitors as best as you can to enhance the way you do business, and track down potential threat sources so as not to stray into their paths with Internet Statistics Reports. Your business’s success can only be guaranteed by keeping up with the growing market.

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