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Marketing and Media Teams Can Streamline Their Services with WHOIS Databases

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Marketing and Media Teams Can Streamline Their Services with WHOIS Databases

The world of marketing and media isn’t a walk in the park. The teams working in those departments are always on the move constantly looking for ways to improve their strategies. A WHOIS database can prove useful for them in many ways. Read on to find out how.

Marketing Research

Maximizing return on investment is a priority for market researchers. In fact, enterprises like Procter & Gamble have reduced advertising expenditures and cut down on agency costs so dramatically that they were able to save $750 million in 2018.

Leveraging WHOIS data lets marketers obtain insightful information like updates on important acquisitions or data regarding the movement of domain registrations for certain industries in the past months. This allows specialists to recognize opportunities and stay on top of their competition.

Trademark Protection

There are thousands of trademark infringement lawsuits filed each year, and all for a good reason. Turning a blind eye on such cases can lead to damaged reputations and missed revenue opportunities, among other things.

WHOIS databases can help brand agents secure their company’s assets from these violations. One way it does this is by notifying users of newly-registered domains that contain similar keywords and even company trademarks.

News Verification

Fake news is a term that’s synonymous with the media and social networks we have nowadays. Journalists have a hard time learning to sort and verify what’s real and what’s not.

A WHOIS database can be used to process and confirm a massive amount of data regarding online entities. With this capacity, journalists can view such details as the location of where a domain is registered, for instance, to verify if the information on the website is accurate.

The ability to stay ahead of market trends, protect brand assets and validate news pieces can be achieved through WHOIS databases.

Are you interested in learning more? Read our whitepaper WHOIS Databases: Business, Cybersecurity, and Many More Applications Explored.

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