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Moving Beyond Whois - Introducing Website Classification Database

At, we take great pride in developing products that can help our users in their various undertakings, from investigating Cyber Crime or brand fraud, to competitive research, domain management and acquisition. Data points that add insight to individual domains and connections between them are especially helpful, and we are constantly trying to provide data that can add value to our users’ research!

Our Whois products and services, provide intelligence about almost all the existing TLD’s . As useful as this information is, however, there is much more that can be learned about a domain by going beyond the data in the Whois record itself.

Our new product Website Classification Database also known as URL Classification database aims just at that.

For starters, based on our content analysis and machine learning algorithms, websites are categorized depending on their content and URL. There are 8 major categories that can help users to identify the nature of the websites that are covered. The database provides accurate insights which benefit in content classification and malicious activities detection.

You can also get Website Classification in combination with our Whois Database Downloads. This can be a great resource for marketing purpose, wherein you can get Whois records for domains classified under the ‘Business’ category from our entire Database. Key data points from the Whois records including Registrant name, phone number, e-mail address, registration address etc can help marketers contact their specified category.

Our Website Classification Database at present covers over 100 million websites aptly categorized for our users. To know more or request for the database please click on the link

As always, our march for innovation and providing suitable solutions to our users continues!

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