The use of Whois databases in practice and research

This blog explains, without completeness, how you can make use of Whois data, especially in a form of a Whois database in various areas of marketing, IT security, etc.

In the present blog we give a holistic overview, of at least a part of applications of WHOIS databases. As a practitioner or a researcher, you can broaden your insight get some inspiration and possibly find new ideas and starting points for further study.

Detecting Cyber Threats with WhoisXmlApi

Predicting & proactively identifying cyber threats have become one of the biggest goals of cyber security analysts in today’s time. Not only have the types of threats increased over the years but also the increase in the sheer velocity of them has become a matter of concern for security professionals. One of WhoisXmlApi’s customers, IBM, a US based computer, IT consulting and world’s biggest technology company is at the forefront in the cyber security space. With IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence they tap into serious data breaches, major cyber security attacks, and new cyber security vulnerabilities.


WhoisXmlApi ranks 268 in Inc5000.

Crossing Yet Another Milestone!

We are very excited to announce that WhoisXmlApi has officially joined the Inc. magazine’s 2017 list of the top 5,000 fastest growing companies in the USA. Ranking 268 in Inc5000 has been no easy feat. When we started WhoisXmlApi in 2010, our vision was very clear, to be a one-stop shop for domain data for all the industries who require & use it. To serve that goal, we have strived hard and are extremely humbled as well as over-joyed of joining this esteemed list of companies.


Get live domain updates

Gain Momentum with Live Domain Data!

Streaming, aka real-time/ live data processing, is the next evolution of the big data phenomenon. With the amount of data being generated in today’s time, approximately one zettabyte annually – the model of data analytics which is widely used currently i.e. the collection of data and then performing analytics is becoming increasingly cumbersome. With streaming live data, you no longer have to resort to capturing, storing and then extracting valuable data, since you can gain insights more quickly, as and when things are happening!


Easily query DNS servers

DNS – The Dark Knight of the Internet

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a very crucial component to the internet. It lies in the shadows and resolves domain names into machine readable IP addresses, simplifying the world of web for us. Besides that DNS servers have a plethora of information for every possible existing Domain which is stored in the form of ‘Resource Records (RR)’. This data can be of immense help to professionals who analyze domains and its connected network, be it for malicious activities or simply for business research or monitoring.


Importance of Data in the Present Cyber Attack Scenario

Last month, the entire world was shaken by one of the largest Ransomware cyberattacks in the history of the internet. The Ransomware known as ‘WannaCry’ was first discovered on Friday, May 12th, and by the end of the day had spread to an estimated 57,000 computers covering approximately 150 countries, worldwide. It essentially targeted computers running on Microsoft Windows operating system. The malware encrypted the files on a victim’s computer and demanded a ransom in the form of Bitcoin cryptocurrency to get them back.