Domain Name Buying Tips for Domain Investors

With the steady adoption of the Internet worldwide, majority of the businesses are shifting to the web. It has now become crucial for businesses to have an online presence. As of 2016, there are about 1.1 billion websites with about 4.5 billion total pages.  But out of these websites about 60% are ‘inactive’. These websites are kept as ‘placeholders’ for sale or have only a page or so of stale content.


New Year calls for new resolutions!

With the advent of Twenty Seventeen, we at WhoisXmlApi are looking forward to further expanding our horizons in the domain industry. Last year we took some significant steps growing in the domain data space. Instead of just being a provider for various types of Whois Data, we ventured into providing solutions, so we can partner with our customers in simplifying their domain research.


In 2016, our first leap away from only dealing with domain Whois data started with the introduction of Website Classification Database which essentially categorizes and provides a database of over 100 million websites.


Moving Beyond Whois – Introducing Website Classification Database

At, we take great pride in developing products that can help our users in their various undertakings, from investigating Cyber Crime or brand fraud, to competitive research, domain management and acquisition. Data points that add insight to individual domains and connections between them are especially helpful, and we are constantly trying to provide data that can add value to our users’ research!


Our Whois products and services, provide intelligence about almost all the existing TLD’s . As useful as this information is, however, there is much more that can be learned about a domain by going beyond the data in the Whois record itself.

Manage Your Domain’s Whois Database Downloads Effectively Now!

If your business requires historic Domain data on a large scale, opting for Domain Database Downloads is the perfect solution. While the database dumps provided by is well parsed and provided in popular MYSQL or CSV files, fishing the required data from the plethora of information in the database can be a little cumbersome!


Understanding our customers need for streamlined and fast fishing, we have partnered with WhoDat, in order to help companies that prefer not to invest in creating a back-end infrastructure for Database Downloads. WhoDat works as a front-end for data, providing an interactive, pivotable application for analysts to use while performing research.

5 uses of Whois data for Cyber Security Professionals

2015 saw a major surge in Cyber Crime; right from an increase in criminal activity, to the scale of the crimes and lastly the innovative techniques of crime that are being adopted by Cyber Criminals. Cyber Security professionals from across the world have rolled up their sleeves as they are well aware that this New Year is not going to be a cakewalk, at this rate. The emphasis, for them, now is shifting to being proactive and preventing attacks instead of reacting to the crimes.Here is our list of 5 ways in which can be used to help prevent Cyber theft this year and try to make it a joyous time for everyone; except for the Cyber criminals, of course!

Things you need to know about Whois Data – FAQs

Each day we get lots of queries with regards to the use, functionality and various other technical details of


In order to clarify the doubts of our new customers as well as long-standing patrons, we have decided to run a series of blogs on various important topics. We will dedicate each blog to a particular topic and will feature the most frequently asked questions in detail.


The first topic in this series will cover Domain Data. Now, it may sound like an elementary topic, but trust us, there are so many misconceptions and misunderstood facts, that starting from the basics is the only way to clearly understand Whois data!

Find Specific Information On One Site

Using a search specific website can be convenient for many people. These sites are set up to bring up the most popular search results for a specific topic, instead of just bringing up random information. People commonly use these types of sites when they are looking for a specific domain name or are trying to find a particular business name. The sites are helpful because they also give people alternative options in addition to what they were looking for originally.


The Who Is Service Can Help You Find What You Need

The internet is a major source of information that most people use on a daily basis. In just a matter of seconds people can find just about any type of information they are searching for. By typing in just a few key words people can look up the specific domain name information they desire. There are certain websites that are set up specifically to help people search for the information they are looking for.