Importance of Data in the Present Cyber Attack Scenario

Importance of Data in the Present Cyber Attack Scenario

Last month, the entire world was shaken by one of the largest Ransomware cyberattacks in the history of the internet. The Ransomware known as ‘WannaCry’ was first discovered on Friday, May 12th, and by the end of the day had spread to an estimated 57,000 computers covering approximately 150 countries, worldwide. It essentially targeted computers running on Microsoft Windows operating system. The malware encrypted the files on a victim’s computer and demanded a ransom in the form of Bitcoin cryptocurrency to get them back.


WhoisXmlApi Mobile App

WhoisXmlApi Mobile App Available on the Apple App Store & the Android Market!

An App to find out who owns a particular domain & which domains are owned by someone.


Ever had the need to access domain information when away from your desktop? Available now, WhoisXmlApi App, that helps you find all the domain registration details, also known as Whois Records, on the go.


Whois records contain key data points for domains including Registrant name, organization, e-mail address, registration address, registrar information, creation date, expiration date, updated date, domain availability, domain age, and much more. So all the information about a domain can now be availed by simply making a Whois Search on the App!

Get Domain Whois Data In Bulk

WhoisXmlApi is on a Bulk Roll!

Regular users of WhoisXmlApi must have surely noticed a lot of product innovations and updates from our end in the past few months. These updates stay true to our commitment to delivering the most comprehensive domain name data research products & services to our valued customers.


We have now released a major revision to our popular Bulk Whois Lookup, in order to ensure a seamless research experience. Our manual Bulk Whois Lookup has been one of the favorite tools for researching and investigating domains in huge quantities. To take it forward we have now introduced Bulk Whois API and Bulk Whois Web App that can further simplify your domain data research.

Research & Monitor Domains

Effortlessly Research & Monitor Domains with Our Latest Web-based tool!

Over the years our constant endeavor has been to provide domain related useful information as accurately, simply and quickly as possible.

  • With the largest database of domain Whois records collected over a decade and with millions of records being added daily, we provide both real-time as well as historic domain data.
  • Along with the most comprehensive data, we also have a world-class API system to ensure easy access to all the data you need by integrating it with your business processes.
  • Various products & services from WhoisXmlApi help professionals get data specific to their business needs.
Updated Reverse Whois API

Announcing the Updated Reverse Whois API!

Our team at WhoisXmlApi is constantly working towards making the best domain data easily accessible to our users, so as to make their domain research as simple as possible. Many of our efforts are easily visible; like when we launch new kickass products and services, and many go unnoticed and unclaimed. It’s those ‘not-so-apparent’ efforts which usually happen behind the scenes, that are mostly technical in nature or are some sort of product enhancements but are very useful for our users, which we intend to keep you updated on going forward.


Predictive Risk Analysis of Domains

Introducing the Next Revolution in Cyber Threat Intelligence!

From the onset of WhoisXmlApi, we have had the privilege of building a close association with the Cyber Security industry. With over a decade of experience in the analysis of domain Whois data and continuous interaction with our valued customers, we are really excited to venture into direct Cyber Threat Intelligence exploration. Presenting to you Predictive Reputation Scoring API, your trusted source for domain, IP address and name servers risk analysis.


At present most Reputation Scoring technologies track domains that are malicious and based on their activities assign a score to them. They, however, do not predict and help defend cyber crime, as domains are scored only after they have exhibited some illicit behavior.


How to Make Your Domain Name Dominate Google Search Result!

The main aim of Google is to provide the most relevant search results to its users. It’s constantly trying to deliver value and provide content that people want to engage with, without much fuss. Web pages and content on the web are ranked based on over 200 factors which Google considers most relevant. But with Google’s ever increasing popularity, individuals and businesses have realized the importance of ranking high organically and are trying to manipulate the system to project themselves in the top search results, sometimes even when they are irrelevant.