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Premium DNS Database Coverage Increased by 578%

We are thrilled to announce that the coverage of our premium DNS Database Download significantly improved over the past few months. The most recent measurement in 2024 showed that the database’s total number of DNS records increased by 578% compared to May 2023. 

More precisely, there was a 1,313% increase in A records and a 700% increase in the total number of AAAA records. Overall, DNS Database Download now contains more than 35.3 billion DNS records.

Newly Registered Domains (NRD) 2.0 vs. 1.0: What Has Changed?

WhoisXML API has significantly improved its Newly Registered Domains (NRD) service, leading to the introduction of NRD 2.0 and phasing out of NRD 1.0 with end of service (EOS) and end of life (EOL) scheduled respectively on 1 March 2024 and 31 December 2024.

Among other enhancements, new domain activities that are monitored now not only span “added” and “dropped” domains but also “updated” and “discovered” domains. Below is an overview of NRD 2.0’s technical benefits.

WhoisXML API Upgrades its Typosquatting Data Feed Offering

We are excited to announce that we recently upgraded our Typosquatting Data Feed. This innovative release provides improved typosquatting detection and extended coverage to further empower the identification of suspicious domain registrations.

The specific improvements and changes made to this version of Typosquatting Data Feed include:

WhoisXML API Launches Email Verification API V3

We are excited to introduce Email Verification API V3, the latest upgrade to our Email Verification product line. This innovative release is set to provide better stability and more accurate results with enhanced checks to empower substantially improved email validation processes.

This new version of Email Verification API will further enable a variety of use cases, including:

WhoisXML API Launches New Website Categorization Database

We are excited to introduce a new and improved version of our Website Categorization Database, now enriched with critical Autonomous System (AS) and WHOIS data points. This innovative release enables more accurate and targeted website classification with its 80+ granular categories.

The specific improvements made to this version of Website Categorization Database include:

Newly Registered Domains V2 (NRD2) Top ccTLD Coverage Increased by 154% in 2023

WhoisXML API continues to improve its products and services as part of its commitment to a safer and more transparent Internet through the delivery of high-quality and reliable domain, IP, and DNS intelligence sources.

Among our most recent developments is the massive increase in the country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) coverage of the Newly Registered Domains V2 (NRD2) Data Feed. Specifically, we recorded a 153.95% increase in the number of domain activity for the top 10 ccTLDs in 2023 compared to 2022.

WhoisXML API Launches Threat Intelligence API and Lookup

We are excited to introduce Threat Intelligence API and Threat Intelligence Lookup, the latest additions to our Threat Intelligence product line. These innovative releases are set to improve threat detection and response and broaden threat insight sources by providing instant and accurate threat information about any domain, URL, IP address, CIDR number, or hash.

Threat Intelligence API and Threat Intelligence Lookup let users stay ahead of the latest threats by providing:

WhoisXML API Launches Website Categorization API V3

We are excited to introduce Website Categorization API V3, the latest addition to our Website Categorization product line. This innovative release enables more accurate website classification with its enhanced website categorization model, additional output data points, and relevant categories.

Specific improvements to this version of Website Categorization API include:

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