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Using Whois API to Dig Out Details

Whois API is basically a query or response protocol that is used to obtain domains’ registration and ownership information. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is used for the process to dig out the details about the websites.

The API has several possible application. For instance, it can be used to track domain name registrations on the database and confirm if a particular domain name is available.

Whois database is key when investigating and detecting fraud, intrusions and spam. The APU facilitates inquiries on Whois database to conduct normal clearances as well as help prevent the intellectual property theft.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) keeps data up to date. APIs can scour through Whois though there are query limit and restrictions imposed.

A common use of Whois database download is to check the identity of a business and determine whether they are worthy enough to do business with. You can even get the personal details of domain owners such as address, email ID, phone number and any other relevant information, if they haven’t opted for privacy. For anyone requiring information for domains such,.net,.org,.biz, .us, .info and .mobi, Whois API provides a way.

Internet business is all about domain names and IP information. Hundreds of domains expire daily and it becomes important for anyone active online to keep tabs on the domain availability. A domain name that has expired can be purchased at a lowly rate compared to one that is owned by some. An API will be able to do the required task in automated manner.

Online whois lookup tool makes it easier for online businesses. The API would generate reports based on the database in popular XML and JSON formats, enabling one to find the information required. They can also use country code domains to creatively brand a business.

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