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WhoisXML API Announces API Integration with Anomali ThreatStream

WhoisXML API, an industry-leading WHOIS, IP, and DNS intelligence provider, announced a new integration with Anomali, a leader in transforming security operations to deliver better business decisions. The partnership provides threat hunters, threat intelligence companies, SOC analysts, and other users with more comprehensive Internet visibility, enabling accelerated threat response and decision-making.

Through this integration, available through Anomali’s Marketplace, Anomali ThreatStream will connect with WhoisXML API’s intelligence sources comprising billions of WHOIS, IP, and DNS data points through a variety of APIs.

As a result, Anomali users can retrieve WhoisXML API’s well-parsed and normalized data for their threat detection and response, security investigation, digital risk reduction, and other processes. On the other hand, WhoisXML API users will have other means to access threat intelligence while taking advantage of Anomali’s advanced and visual threat intelligence platform and ecosystem.

“Securing the Internet has always been our company’s mission, and this partnership with Anomali is another step toward that goal,” said Joshua Ra, Business Development Director of WhoisXML API. “Our partnership makes it easier for  end-users to visualize, theorize, and investigate connections or correlations between digital infrastructure, resulting in more efficient and intelligence-led cybersecurity teams.”

About Anomali

Anomali is a leader in modernizing security operations, delivering breakthrough levels of security visibility and intelligence-driven threat detection & response. Anomali helps customers and partners transform their SOC platform by elevating security efficacy and reducing their costs with automated processes at the heart of everything. The solution is anchored in big-data management and boasts the world’s largest repository of global intelligence that supports native-cloud, multi-cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployments. Founded in 2013, Anomali serves global B2B enterprise businesses, large public sector organizations, ISACs, ISAOs, service providers, and Global 1000 customers to help safeguard the world’s critical infrastructure, companies, and people. Learn more at www.anomali.com.

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