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WhoisXML API Integration Is Now Available on Cyware

WhoisXML API Integration Is Now Available on Cyware

WhoisXML API is thrilled to announce the new integration with Cyware, a leading provider of threat intelligence management, security collaboration, and cyber fusion solutions. This collaboration will allow IT and security teams, MSSPs, and other Cyware customers to automate their collection of accurate and up-to-date domain and IP information.

The integration of WHOIS API into the Cyware Orchestrate platform is set to enable users to obtain much-needed context when responding to security incidents involving domains and provide automated domain and IP data enrichment for reverse DNS lookups and domain reputation queries.

WHOIS API delivers various advantages and capabilities through this integration, including:

  • Comprehensive domain coverage across TLDs: WhoisXML API’s extensive domain repository, built using more than a decade’s worth of data collection and aggregation, covers millions of active domains across 7,596+ gTLDs, ccTLDs, and ccSLDs.
  • Unified and compatible data format: WhoisXML API’s domain data is well-parsed and available in various output formats so Cyware users can easily collect information in playbook format, correlate it with other Cyware integrated apps, and embed it into their workflows.
  • Up-to-date and accurate domain data: Long-term partnerships with key Internet data providers, including domain registries, registrars, and ISPs, enable WhoisXML API to obtain raw domain data promptly and directly from the source.

In the words of Sharada Jayaprakash, Senior Manager, Connector Engineering at Cyware, “WhoisXML API’s rich repository of domain records will be invaluable for Cyware and joint customers as it enables automated enrichment of domain and IP content via Cyware Orchestrate.”

“Cyware’s commitment to threat intelligence sharing and collaboration resounds with our mission to make the Internet safer and more transparent. Integrating our domain data into Cyware Orchestrate enables us to help more developers, security teams, and companies glean insights for incident response, threat detection, and cyber investigations,” says Jonathan Zhang, WhoisXML API CEO.

To learn more about the integration, please visit Cyware Orchestrate.

About Cyware

Cyware helps enterprises transform security operations while breaking silos for threat intelligence sharing, collaboration, and automated threat response. Its unique Cyber Fusion solutions enable lean security teams to proactively stop threats, connect the dots for security incidents, dramatically reduce response time, and reduce analyst burnout from doing repetitive tasks. Cyware improves security outcomes for enterprises, government agencies, and MSSPs and provides threat intelligence-sharing platforms for a majority of ISAC/ISAO information-sharing communities globally.

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