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WhoisXML API Is Now a Snowflake Partner

Internet data sharing and transparency have always been part of WhoisXML API’s advocacy. Our commitment to this goal has prompted us to develop collaborative relationships with various entities, including security companies and platforms, researchers, and media organizations.

Among our most recent endeavors relevant to that is joining the Snowflake Partner Network. This collaboration means that WhoisXML API’s comprehensive WHOIS, IP, and DNS intelligence can now be accessed through Snowflake.

Joint users can now have instant access to domains as they are added, updated, and dropped on a daily basis while enjoying the platform’s scalable, flexible, multi-cluster data architecture.

Snowflake Data Marketplace as a Data-Sharing Ecosystem

As part of the Snowflake Data Cloud, Data Marketplace facilitates buying and selling data that complements an organization’s existing data sets. Snowflake cultivates an ecosystem of data sharing that enables customers to make data-driven decisions by accessing ready-to-query data from various providers across different industries.

The platform’s multi-cluster data architecture allows for the separation of computing and storage spaces, giving users more flexibility and scalability. Customers don’t need to provide on-premise resources and instead rely on Snowflake’s near-zero maintenance platform that allows them to only pay for the data they use.

WhoisXML API’s Cyber Intelligence: Access to Internet-Wide Visibility

For more than a decade, WhoisXML API has been aggregating and delivering one of the most extensive WHOIS, IP, and DNS data. To date, our cyber intelligence comprises 15.6+ billion historical WHOIS records, 4.2+ billion domains and subdomains, 13.1+ million IP netblocks, and 99.5% of active IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Among the data available through the Snowflake Data Cloud is the Typosquatting Community Feed, a free variant of our typosquatting domain repository specifically designed to aid the cybersecurity community. The feed contains selected domains from the regular typosquatting data feed that displays suspicious patterns associated with phishing, malware, and brand misrepresentation campaigns.

By making the Typosquatting Community Feed and other WhoisXML API data accessible through Snowflake, OSINT investigators, SOC analysts, threat hunters, security product developers, and other joint customers from various industries can have instant and real-time access to domain ownership details, IP host information, DNS connections, and other Internet-related data.

Data Sharing: The Key to Internet Safety and Transparency

WhoisXML API acknowledges that cybersecurity is a collective effort. In the words of WhoisXML API CEO and founder Jonathan Zhang, “Cybersecurity requires collaboration between all stakeholders. WhoisXML API’s part is to provide contextual information in the form of WHOIS, IP, and DNS intelligence. Snowflake enables us to distribute data easily and to more users.”

The partnership between WhoisXML API and Snowflake enables different types of custom implementations, such as those useful for SOC operations, cybersecurity solution development, attack surface management, marketing, and other cyber and business processes. 

Joint users can use our cyber intelligence alongside other data types available on Snowflake, giving them the flexibility they need to be effective and successful. 

If you want to learn more about our cyber intelligence and how it can add value to your business and processes, feel free to contact us.

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