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WhoisXML API Launches Threat Intelligence API and Lookup

We are excited to introduce Threat Intelligence API and Threat Intelligence Lookup, the latest additions to our Threat Intelligence product line. These innovative releases are set to improve threat detection and response and broaden threat insight sources by providing instant and accurate threat information about any domain, URL, IP address, CIDR number, or hash.

Threat Intelligence API and Threat Intelligence Lookup let users stay ahead of the latest threats by providing:

  • Threat type information: The products inform users whether their inputs have been involved in malware attacks, phishing, botnet attacks, C&C server usage, spamming, or other malicious activities.
  • First and last seen dates: The outputs include details about when a malicious resource was first and last observed active.
  • Wildcard search capability: Aside from the exact IoC value, the products also allow users to do wildcard searches (e.g., apple*.com, 178.0.*, etc.) to obtain more relevant results.

Threat Intelligence API and Threat Intelligence Lookup allow users to:

  • Perform extensive threat search: Tap into one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date IoC repositories covering various resources (i.e., domain, URL, IP address, CIDR number, and hash) and threat types (i.e., cyber attack, botnet usage, C&C usage, malware attack, phishing, spamming, Tor usage, suspicious activity, and generic).
  • Obtain reliable and accurate threat intelligence: WhoisXML API obtains data from multiple intelligence sources, such as server logs, honeypots, OSINT, and ISP abuse reports, to maintain a high level of IoC diversity and accuracy.
  • Easily integrate and use the solutions: Threat Intelligence API can be readily integrated into most systems, as query results come in standardized formats. Complementarily, Threat Intelligence Lookup enables users to retrieve threat information on any resource in seconds through its GUI.

Threat Intelligence API’s and Threat Intelligence Lookup’s use cases include:

  • Threat detection and response enhancement: Integrating the products into business systems and processes enables organizations to quickly check suspicious or malicious resources and activities, allowing security teams to respond faster.
  • Malicious resource identification and filtering: The malicious resources the products detect can be added to an organization’s denylists to strengthen their network security.
  • Threat contextualization and investigation: The products help enrich IoC lists by providing more details about potential malicious resources, including the types of threat they figured in and the dates and times when they were first and last seen.

Test Threat Intelligence API and Threat Intelligence Lookup now or contact us to learn how they can complement your threat intelligence sources and solutions.

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