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WhoisXML API Launches Website Categorization API V3

We are excited to introduce Website Categorization API V3, the latest addition to our Website Categorization product line. This innovative release enables more accurate website classification with its enhanced website categorization model, additional output data points, and relevant categories.

Specific improvements to this version of Website Categorization API include:

  • Better stability: This new version uses advanced website categorization algorithms to deliver consistent and highly accurate results.
  • New output data: The API now returns a queried website’s domain creation date based on its WHOIS record and the Autonomous System (AS) details of its IP address, including its AS number, domain, name, route, and type.
  • Relevant categories: This new version classifies websites into 84 pertinent categories, including Botnets, Malware, Gambling, Games, Spam URLs, and Confirmed Spam Sources.

Website Categorization API V3’s use cases include:

  • Web classification-based filtering: This new version allows more accurate and targeted web filtering to block access to unsafe websites, such as those involved in gambling, spamming, violence, botnets, and malware.
  • IP-based filtering: With the additional AS details in the output, API users can enhance their web filtering capabilities with AS and IP filtering.
  • New domain filtering: This new version looks into a website’s WHOIS records and returns its domain’s creation date, enabling users to filter out newly discovered domains.

Users of Website Categorization V2 are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible. Starting your migration is simple and can be done using the new API endpoint mentioned on this page. Credits purchased for V2 are fully compatible with V3, making the transition more seamless.

Our development team will stop providing fixes and technical support for V2 by 29 February 2024, and the version will be discontinued entirely by 31 May 2024.

Test the new Website Categorization API now or contact us to learn more about how the tool can enrich your web filtering strategies.

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