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Announcing the Updated Reverse Whois API!

Announcing the Updated Reverse Whois API!

Our team at WhoisXmlApi is constantly working towards making the best domain data easily accessible to our users, so as to make their domain research as simple as possible. Many of our efforts are easily visible; like when we launch new kickass products and services, and many go unnoticed and unclaimed. It’s those 'not-so-apparent' efforts which usually happen behind the scenes, that are mostly technical in nature or are some sort of product enhancements but are very useful for our users, which we intend to keep you updated on going forward.

Over the past years we have realized that the two most important factors that are essential for data used in domain research are:

1)  Data needs to be good

2)  Data needs to be precise

With over a decade of experience in collecting & processing of domain Whois data, we have the most comprehensive Whois data bank which is not only accurate and well parsed but also provides our users with access to real-time as well as historic data for their research. With almost all the existing TLDs covered in our database, the list is continuously growing each day and at present, we have 2000+ TLDs. So good and reliable data is checked from the list!

As for point 2, we are constantly updating our various products & services keeping our user feedback in mind. These iterations are made keeping in mind how this data is getting used by the end-users and what the purpose of this data is. With that purview, we have recently worked on one of the products that our users depend on the most i.e. Reverse Whois API, which helps identify domains owned by a specific individual or company. Today WhoisXmlApi announces a significant update to Reverse Whois API, focused on filtering of data to provide more relevant results, along with a great improvement in the technology used which will help the overall user experience.

Queries made for each search term in Reverse Whois usually ends up displaying numerous result sets, many of which may not be relevant. Our users wanted the ability to narrow down on domains and domain-owner criteria in the result set, to filter out unnecessary domains, to increase the relevance of the results and make it more precise. We have attempted to accomplish these most important criteria with this new release!

Users can now filter their query results based on the ‘key’ present in the Domain Whois Records. There are 3 new filter levels that have been added to our existing Reverse Whois API:

excludeTrue / False (default)
valueEntered by user
recordsCountTrue / False (default)
usernamerequired, your account username
passwordrequired, your password username

Value based filter
Users can now query for search terms in specific attributes instead of making a generic Reverse Whois search. How this works is that you can select any section and assign an attribute to it, to narrow down your search results! For example, if you want to search only those domains which has specific term in Admin Email, then all you need to do is:

Request object format:


Because of this filter, your result set will include only domain records where your search term is present in the Admin email address. Isn’t that great? So now users don’t need to look through hundreds of irrelevant domain records anymore. And what's more, with various permutations and combinations of Section and Attribute, users have more than 50 attributes they can search within.

Record date based filter
Users can also further filter results for their search terms based on the various Record dates that are present in the Whois records. So if you would like to filter your search term based on its Created Date, Expiration Date, Updated Date, then you now have the option to do so. This can be a very important tool to help you monitor and track domains.

Match Type filter
To further narrow down your result sets, you can select the match type for your search term too. So now users can select Exact Match, Begins With, Ends With or Anywhere filter to their search term to get even more meticulous results!

These additional filters will surely make our users’ domain research much simpler and concise. The more you narrow down and specify various criteria, the closer you are to hitting a home run! Besides this, the ‘Exclude term’ filter will also continue to be there, to further enhance your data research.

In addition to the inclusion of this awesome filtering feature, we have also adopted an advanced Java architecture for our Reverse Whois API system. With an addition of the latest advanced storage system, and caching technology using state of the art Apache Solr setup, the API calls are now going to be more than 500% faster!

So in effect, this new update is going to be a complete time saver, right from reducing irrelevant domain records to being much faster!

This year is already looking very promising to us! We intend to continue adding more domains records and to keep improving and providing better data solutions to our users. Do check out the updated Reverse Whois API and let us know your thoughts on the enhancements. Oh, and did we mention, we are not charging anything extra for these additional features as well! For details about Reverse Whois API please click on the given link:

Do leave a comment if you have any queries on the same. Keep watching this space for more updates.

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