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WhoisXmlApi’s 2017 Year in Review

WhoisXmlApi’s 2017 Year in Review

The beginning of a new year is always a great time to take a step back and see what one has achieved in the previous year. For us at WhoisXmlApi, 2017 has been a greatly challenging as well as a very rewarding year. We have tried to stretch our boundaries and are happy to see some of our ideas taking shape in the form of domain data products & services that our users are really appreciating. When we started WhoisXmlApi in 2010, our vision was very clear, to be a one-stop shop for domain data for all the industries who need it. To serve that goal, year after year, we have created domain data related products & services and 2017 has been no different!

One of the biggest endeavors of 2017 was releasing our online Web App - Domain Research Suite (DRS). From its inception, this project has been very close to us and the response received by this domain Research & Monitoring tool is just unprecedented. For quite some time, we have been receiving requests to develop domain Whois online tools which do not require any back-end work and are easy to work with. DRS is a simple solution to a very complex problem of researching and monitoring domain names, quite simply. Users can get an in-depth picture of domains with Search Tools like Whois Lookup, Reverse Whois Lookup, Domain Availability Lookup, Bulk Whois Lookup along with daily alerts to stay up-to-date on domain-related activities with our Monitoring Tools like Domain Monitor, Brand Monitor, Registrant Monitor; DRS provides a single platform to access, monitor and analyze domain data! Right from investigating cyber-crime to protecting your brand from infringements or even tracking online activities of individuals or companies to keeping an eye on specific terms for finding out the registration trends or just keeping a tab on domains for investments, DRS has helped our users for researching and staying abreast on all kinds of domain activities.

Besides this, the first half of 2017, was largely dedicated to creating existing product enhancements. We added additional filters to our Reverse Whois API & Registrant Alert API which helps users to narrow down on domains and domain-owner criteria in the result set, filter out unnecessary domains, increase the relevance of the results and make it more precise. In addition to the inclusion of this awesome filtering feature, we also adopted advanced technologies which results in the API calls being up to 500% faster! So in effect, this new update turns out to be a complete time saver for our users, right from reducing irrelevant domain records to being much faster!

We also released a major revision to our popular Bulk Whois Lookup product, to enable faster & more effective analysis of bulk domain data. Our manual Bulk Whois Lookup has been one of the favorite tools for researching and investigating domains in huge quantities. To take it forward we introduced Bulk Whois API and Bulk Whois Web App that further simplifies domain data research for our users. With a single Bulk query request, users can call for millions of domain Whois records in one go. Also, the new System is built on the latest big data technologies which are not only really fast; our advanced Bulk collector parses approximately 200 domain Whois records/ sec., but are also very scalable! So whether users want to automate the data fetching process by integrating their systems with our API or getting bulk data on a simple web user interface, users can choose bulk data solutions best suited for their business needs.

This was followed by our entry into providing domain data on the go with WhoisXmlApi Mobile App created for both, the Apple App Store & the Android Market! A simple App to find out who owns a particular domain & which domains are owned by someone. By simply downloading the WhoisXmlApi Mobile App, users can use their phone to lookup Whois records of domains or make Reverse Whois search for specific terms in the Whois records. Instead of navigating through the website or calling for APIs, they can search for their required data at the touch of a button!

The latter half of 2017, we dedicated to providing innovative data solutions that can be helpful to many professionals. One such product is Email Verification API; our effort in providing optimal email address hygiene solutions by verifying existence, validity, and quality of any email address. Our sophisticated email verification system implements artificial intelligence, 6 layer testing and intricate algorithm to identify troublesome email addresses. And all that in real-time too! This product has become a necessity for everyone be it marketers to improve their sender reputation scoring, online retailers to protect their businesses, data sellers to improve the quality of the data they sell & develop more credibility, cybersecurity professionals to identify malicious entities online and anyone & everyone dealing with or managing user email addresses. Users can call for API query to check each email address they want to verify & validate or they can directly integrate Email Verification API with their application, websites, sign-up forms etc. so that each time a user registers, their emails are automatically verified & validated. This real-time verification method is 95% accurate for consumer, business and International email addresses.

Post the launch of Email Verification API & garnering the response & feedback on the same, we further released the Bulk Email Verification Online Tool, to help our users easily verify & validate email addresses in bulk! With a single request, users can get up to 50,000 email address information in our web-app, which is very easy to use.

Taking a bigger step in Domain research & analysis, we introduced DNS Lookup API, a perfect solution for getting all the possible DNS Resource Records of a domain name or website! Besides the most commonly used DNS Resource records to get information about IP address, Name Server, Mail Server information, WhoisXmlApi provides over 50 types of DNS Resource Records which can come handy to Webmasters as well as can be helpful in tracking down malicious domains. With a single API query getting detailed DNS server insights for a domain couldn’t get any more simpler. And what’s more, all this information is fetched real-time to ensure that our users have the most accurate data.

Understanding the evolution of big data phenomenon, we also ventured into our first live data feed product with Real-Time Domain Registration Streaming. Our service provides data feeds of registered domains along with its Whois data, generated in real-time i.e live domain updates each time a query is sent! Many professionals need live domain name updates so they can stay on the mark and grab opportunities or avoid future risks with timely information. So now our users can be the first to know about new domain registrations & domain expiration with live domain name & Whois data streaming. Very few domain data providers can promise real-time data, leave alone real-time registration data, and we are glad to provide our users with the most current and accurate data that can help them always stay ahead.

Besides these new products & services, 2017 was made even more special as WhoisXmlApi joined the Inc. magazine’s 2017 list of the top 5,000 fastest growing companies in the USA. Ranking 268 in Inc5000 was no easy feat. Only because of the trust of our users in our expertise & their constant support & feed-back, have we managed to make it to this prestigious list along with many other esteemed companies.

It is this same hard work & dedication that we intend to carry forward in 2018… Our users can look forward to better technologies, product innovations, and more ease in gathering data. While we tread slowly into 2018, we can assure our users that we are working even harder to provide more customized domain data products & services so that they spend less time in sorting the data. If there are any specific domain data solutions you or your company needs, please do write to us at [email protected] & hopefully we will be able to help you with the same.

We wish you all a very Happy New Year. Here is to another amazing beginning!

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